My book based on the series "Une part de jour assez douce" ("That mellow side of daylight") is now available!
It starts with a drawing by Marie Colboc, architect/designer, and a foreword by Barbara Ghiringhelli, artist.

Printed in 200 copies by Escourbiac
Size 13,5 x 22 cm (approx. 5 x 8.5 in)
48 pages
22 euros (+ shipping costs)

Soft-covered, "soft touch" effect (with flaps), embossing applied on the title
Sewn with a blue thread

Please contact me at if you want to order a copy.
Can also be purchased from the bookshop "La Comète" (29 rue des Récollets 75010 Paris), La Nouvelle Chambre Claire (3 rue d'Arras 75005 Paris), Le Monte-en-l'air (2 rue de la Mare 75020 Paris), Folies d'encre (80 avenue Georges Clémenceau 94170 Le Perreux sur Marne) and via Escourbiac's website

 Anne Nwakalor's review on LensCulture (2022):
 My favorite photo book is called, “Une part de jour assez douce” translating to “That mellow side of daylight” by French photographer, Nathalie Audrain. In this book, Audrain focuses on the need to remember beauty in case it disappears. She touches on themes to do with a chronic medical condition she has and the relationship she has with her son. Everything about the book is intentional, from its physicality (the book is soft-covered, it has a “soft touch” effect) to interspersed contributions from architects and other artists. As you move through the book, you encounter a series of well sequenced bright images. It’s amazing how Audrain is able to make every day objects and settings seem so meaningful. Audrain’s book is a testament to the saying, “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were big things.”
-Anne Nwakalor, Founding Editor, No! Wahala Magazine