My book based on the series "Une part de jour assez douce" ("That mellow side of daylight") is now available!
It starts with a drawing by Marie Colboc, architect/designer, and a foreword by Barbara Ghiringhelli, artist.

Printed in 200 copies by Escourbiac
Size 13,5 x 22 cm (approx. 5 x 8.5 in)
48 pages
22 euros (+ shipping costs)

Soft-covered, "soft touch" effect (with flaps), embossing applied on the title
Sewn with a blue thread

Please contact me at if you want to order a copy.
Can also be purchased from the bookshop "La Comète" (29 rue des Récollets 75010 Paris), La Nouvelle Chambre Claire (3 rue d'Arras 75005 Paris), Le Monte-en-l'air (2 rue de la Mare 75020 Paris), Folies d'encre (80 avenue Georges Clémenceau 94170 Le Perreux sur Marne) and via Escourbiac's website